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    Necrotic ring spot is a very challenging lawn disease to control as it is persistent in weak lawns. Follow good cultural practices of core-aeration, deep less frequent watering and organic fertilizers that are lower nitrogen and slow-release.

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    One of the easiest fertilizers to apply correctly and evenly is the granular type. As you spread the tiny pellets, they are easily visible across the grass blades.

  • Natural Snake Repellent: Which One Works for You

    There are many steps to be taken in order to repel snakes from your house, lawns and gardens. Before deciding on chemical methods there is always a chance to start with less radical, pretty safe for humans and pets, but efficient against reptiles.

  • Pet Friendly Weed Control - Home Ec 101

    In our opinion, the modern notion of a perfect green lawn is a bit distorted. White Clover, which helps soil by adding nitrogen, was once consider an important part of a healthy lawn.